Medical Assistant Salary in Florida

The Medical Assistant Salary in Florida is very high as compared to many other states of USA. The main reason is high demand of these assistants in this state. However, you need to be well qualified and experienced to work in this field.

The minimum qualification required to earn Medical Assistant Salary in Florida is bachelors’ degree. Sometimes a high school diploma can also be enough for you but having bachelors’ degree is considered more helpful for the candidate to be selected for this job.

The Average Medical Assistant Salary in Florida is approximately $24,000-26,000. But this just gives you an idea of the earning potential of this job. In reality, you can earn much more if you have more experience.

Medical Assistant Minimum Salary in Florida

The minimum amount of salary paid to these assistants is $9.65 per hour. Their overtime rate is at least $12.74 per hour. On yearly basis, their minimum salary is $20,078 and bonus offered to them is $95.82.

Medical Assistant Maximum Salary in Florida

Medical Assistants can earn as much as $16.59 per hour. Their maximum overtime rate can be up to $24.99 per hour. Annually, they can earn $36,176 at the maximum plus $1034 as bonus.

How fast you can earn maximum salary

If you look at the maximum earning potential of this job, it is indeed very high. But getting there is not so easy. You need to be a graduate at the first place if you target this salary level. Then you need experience. You must attend some training courses before entering this profession. This will help the assistant earn high compensation even on an entry-level job.


The primary job of Medical Assistants is to make sure that clinic or hospital is working in a normal manner. In some cases they might have to do administrative as well as clinical tasks. In bigger clinics, they are required to perform tasks according to their specialization.